Benefits of Joining ARTISTS NEEDED

  • Artists Needed is the #1 success and accountability membership community for goal-oriented artists and creators.

  • Be part of a mastermind group of artists and creators who are serious about achieving success.

  • Expand your network by leveraging the relationships and audience that we have and will continue to build.
  • Community Support. It's kind of hard to get attention if you are the only one excited about your work, but when you have support from the whole community, you will overcome challenges and achieve your desired results.
  • Participate in the 1 Million Success Paintings Project
  • LIVE Accountability meetings, webinars, and strategy sessions to brainstorm new ideas and keep you moving forward.

  • Learn how to build relationships and grow your audience organically with people most likely to purchase your work and see your vision.

  • Get more traffic. As the ARTISTS NEEDED platform grows, you will be able to leverage the traffic generated by the organization to get more sales.

  • We'll help you improve your marketing and sales strategy by helping you get your story out there and do the things that really matter.

  • Get a copy of the Time Freedom Action Plan, a simple accountability system that uses the days of the week to help you hit goals faster and achieve time freedom.

  • Select members will be offered an opportunity to be interviewed, or have a LIVE online art show co-hosted by ARTISTS NEEDED.

  • Full Transparency - By becoming an official member of ARTISTS NEEDED, you also become a valuable part of the growth and development of our organization. You will be invited to join our private roundtable discussions about the development of ARTISTS NEEDED as it becomes the powerhouse for helping artists and creators succeed. 

Our official membership cost is currently being updated and will be available by June 1st. In the meantime feel free to join our general FB group by clicking here 

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On Wednesdays at 7:00pm Central Time we host a LIVE virtual meeting. The first hour is the "OPEN HOUSE" for new artists to come in, introduce themselves, and ask questions to learn about the Artists Needed Membership. After that we move into our success and accountability meeting for official members of ARTISTS NEEDED.   Attend Open House