Chris Houston Will Create 1 Million Success Paintings to Help Others

Updated: Apr 14

Chicago Artist, Chris Houston aka Chris the Success Artist, takes on a major project to create 1 million success paintings to contribute to various causes, inspire change, and literally spread success all over the world. In addition to creating many of these paintings himself, members of Artists Needed will also have the opportunity to participate. Artists Needed is a success and accountability community for goal-oriented artists and creators.

Each success painting created for this project will be digitized and published to serve as an ongoing promotion for the artists who created them. Participating artists will choose a certain percentage of the proceeds generated from the sale of their painting or art prints to go to various causes that involve: the fight against hunger, reducing homelessness, youth programming, personal development and mental health awareness. The other purpose of this project is to develop initiatives that promote and support upcoming artists.

Chris got the idea to take on this massive project after becoming a founding customer in ONPASSIVE, a total internet solution company that offers complete A.I. technology applications, tools, and services. As a founding customer, he is now connected to a world wide community of individuals who are inspired to make a positive impact. Chris decided to combine his art talent with what he has learned from ONPASSIVE to create the 1 Million Success Paintings project to support various causes and programs that aim to help people improve their lives.

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If you are an artists or creator and would like to get involved, be sure to join our Artists Needed membership community. If you would like to contribute or donate, you can donate here. More updates coming soon. Thank You!

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